Ok… it’s safe to say that I took one of my FAVORITE PHOTOS EVER at miss Hanna’s shoot down in Belmont Park/Mission Beach. Seriously. The last shot you’ll see below of her looking at the waves is something I almost want to print on my OWN wall. Is that weird?? HAHA!

I’ve been photographing this adorable girl since her 5th birthday party and now she’s turning TEN. We wanted to do something totally fun & out of the box for this shoot so we came up with the ideal of fun & funky Belmont Park to start, and then finishing up down on the beach for sunset. We had a STUNNING sunset this day & I had so much fun with Hanna (as always!). I absolutely LOVE the outfit she chose for the amusement park, and I love that even though she was a bit dressier for the beach she still had a blast jumping in & running away from waves, just as every San Diego native remembers doing as a kid! Check out Hanna’s super fun shoot below!!